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Whitefly and Whitefly-Borne Viruses in the Tropics:
Building a Knowledge Base for Global Action

Whiteflies and the viruses they carry comprise two of the worst crop pests of all times. Devastating in their effects, particularly for resource-poor farmers, these pests are found throughout the tropics and subtropics. Their control presents such major challenges that many nations, which otherwise do not regulate agriculture, have instigated legal measures. The book describes the impact, including misuse of highly toxic pesticides, that whiteflies and their viruses have on agricultural sustainability, ecosystem health, and human health. Suggestions are offered on efficient and sustainable measures for integrated pest and disease management. The crops discussed include cassava, sweetpotato, vegetables, and legumes, grown in either mixed or annual cropping systems. Case studies in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean are examined.

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