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Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

The Tropical Whitefly IPM Project web site is a collaborative effort conducted by the Project's Coordination Team. The web site's design follows the structure of this global initiative and it aims to serve the community of researchers, producers and farmers whom are confronting this global challenge, consolidating and publishing information resources from all over the world.

Its contents do not currently reflect in its entirety the complexity of Project's activities; the Coordination Team will continue to develop gradually the web site in order to provide relevant and useful information to this community. The information available on-line has been classified using a keywords list based on the CABI Thesaurus but with some modifications. We encourage our users to read it and use it as a tool for site's navigation and documentation retrieval.

This site has been developed initially in English. The Project's Coordination Team recognize the language as a barrier to fully exchange information, knowledge and technology. Because of that, we are awared of the need to develop paralell web sites in Spanish, French and Portugues, to tackle the information needs of the tropical countries audience. Future plans and proposals are in preparation to offer a broader language platform for this community.

Individuals may freely download, copy and print materials for educational or other non-commercial purposes without prior permission from the copyright holder. Acknowledgement of owner's materials is always required. For permission to make multiple copies, modify, translate or publish materials from this web site, please contact our Assistant of Information and Communications.

Where it is stated that the copyright to any material included in the Tropical Whitefly IPM Project is held by a third party, requests for permission to copy, modify, translate, publish or otherwise make available such material (or any part thereof) must be addressed directly to the third party concerned.

Use of this site, these materials, and links provided to other web sites shall be at the user's own risk and under the condition that the Tropical Whitefly IPM Project is not liable for that use or its results. Forewarning of potential damages or risks shall not create liability for Tropical Whitefly IPM Project of any sort.

We invite you to update you browser, because the one you have installed does not support web standards developed over the years by the World Wide Web Consortium. This effort will make that your use of our website and also other website improves considerabily. if you want to know more about why is important to use and support web standards please check The Web Standards Project.

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This publication includes outputs from the research project
R 8041 Whitefly Initiative Phase II - CGIAR System-wide Whitefly IPM Project
wholly or partially funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID)
for the benefit of developing countries.
The views expressed are not necessarily those of DFID.

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