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Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

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  • Report submitted by Dr. V. Muniyappa
  • Report submitted by Dr. J.C. van Lenteren
  • Report submitted by Dr. J.K. Brown
  • References

University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore. Plant Virology Laboratory. Bangalore, 560 024

Dr. V. Muniyappa and students are mainly working on whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) transmitted viruses (WTVs) viz., (1) Tomato leaf curl virus, (2) Horsegram yellow mosaic virus, (3) Indian cassava mosaic virus, and (4) Croton yellow mosaic virus.

The specific objectives include:

    1. Determination of various transmission characteristics of WTVs.
    2. Purification and characterization of WTVs.
    3. Production of antisera.
    4. Applying rapid diagnostic methods like ELISA and ISEM for detection and diagnosis of WTVs in crops and vectors.
    5. Epidemiology of WTVs- (a) Incidence of WTVs in different cropping seasons, (b) spread of WTVs in relation to whitefly population, (c) role of weeds in spreading the disease, (d) recording whitefly parasites in the field.
    6. Screening for disease resistance and utilizing resistance source in breeding programs.
    7. Management of WTVs by chemical and cultural means.

Bemisia tabaci arrived in the Netherlands in 1987 on Poinsettia from California. Since then it occurs on quite a number of ornamentals and vegetables in greenhouses. Activities to control Bemisia with natural enemies were first directed to study of the effectiveness of Encarsia formosa. Presently, the following projects are running:

  • At the Research Station for Floriculture (Aalsmeer): study of the host-plant quality of several ornamentals for Bemisia under Dutch greenhouse conditions. Planned is a project to study the effect of Encarsia formosa for control of Bemisia on ornamentals.
  • At the Glasshouse Crops Research Station (Naaldwijk): situations where Trialeurodes and Bemisia occur together on vegetables are followed. The effect of Encarsia on Bemisia in these situations is estimated. Koppert B.V. : Naaldwijk Department of entomology, Agricultural University (Wageningen): a). behavioral study of Encarsia formosawhen offered Trialeurodes and Bemisia as hosts. Encarsia encounters fewer Bemisia than expected, especially in a choice situation with both hosts. When hosts are offered separately they accept Bemisia and Trialeurodesin circa 45% of encounters; when offered simultaneously, Bemisia is accepted less often (only 25%). b). Development of Encarsia on Bemisia and quality of offspring: mortality of developmental stages is much higher on Bemisia that on Trialeurodes. The quality of offspring is poor: Encarsia adults reared on Bemisiaare small, have fewer ovarioles, live shorter, walk slower and thus parasitize fewer whiteflies. Based on the work done until now we expect control of Bemisia with Encarsia formosa will only be possible with regular introductions of Encarsia during the whole cropping system.

The University of Arizona. Forbes Building, Room 104. Tucson, Arizona 85721

We are concentrating on ecology and epidemiology, purification and characterization, molecular cloning and genomic analysis, and the development of antibody and nucleic acid based virus probes with respect to whitefly transmitted geminiviruses of vegetable and fiber crops in the Southwestern U.S. In addition, we are interested in whitefly biology and behavior as it pertains to the efficacy of the whitefly to serve as a virus vector.

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