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04 - Nataima 31 - Whitefly-Resistant Cassava Variety

April 2003- Cali, Colombia.
A cassava variety resistant to one species of whitefly— the first variety of any food crop with resistance to this pest—will be released this month by the Colombian Corporation for Agriculture Research (CORPOICA, it's Spanish acronym). Named 'Nataima-31', the variety is based on a cross made at CIAT between a clone from Ecuador and another from Brazil. The variety's resistance to the whitefly species Aleurotrachelus socialis Bondar will enable cassava growers in northern South America, where this species is a major pest, to lower pesticide applications. In the tropics a total of 43 whitefly species have been reported, damaging a wide range of food and cash crops through direct feeding or transmission of viruses.
Aditional information Available > Brochure (in Spanish, 672 kb)

03 - 3rd International Bemisia Workshop

March 17-20/2003- Barcelona.
This meeting is the 3rd in a series initiated in 1994 in Shoresh (Israel), when an organising committee headed by Dr. Dan Gerling hosted the International Bemisia Workshop. In 1998, more than 100 oral contributions and 70 posters were presented in Puerto Rico during the 2nd International Workshop on Bemisia and Geminivirus diseases organised by Dr. Mayer and Dr. Maxwell. Organizers hope that this 3rd International Bemisia Workshop will be an international forum to discuss recent research in fundamental and applied Bemisia studies, and to present concrete suggestions for more successful ways to tackle Bemisia-associated problems taking into account sustainable agricultural practices as well as best available technologies.
Aditional information Available >
Website of the conference at > http://www.irta.es/bemisia2003/
Abstracts > http://illiana.oasyssoft.com/bemisia2003/call_for_abstracts.html

02 - A united effort against a global pest

January 2003 - Cali, Colombia.
The Tropical Whitefly IPM Project coordination office has produced this publication in close collaboration with scientist from different research projects on whiteflies and whitefly-transmitted viruses all funded by DFID through its Crop Protection Programme (CPP). It shows project summaries and full color pictures, and includes contact information from each initiative.
Aditional information Available > Download PDF File (527 Kb)
Hard copies available in english, by contacting Project's Information and Communications Assistant.

01 - Recovering bean production in the Valley of Zapotitán: the "Granary" of San salvador

February 2002 - Cali, Colombia.
The Tropical Whitefly IPM Project has allowed CENTA and CIAT to show farmers in the valley that is possible to grow beans again in this dry period, thanks to the availability of new Bean golden yellow mosaic virus - resistant lines combining up to three different sources of resistance.
Aditional information Available > Full text with photo

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