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Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

Projects :: Whiteflies as pests in tropical highlands
:: Whiteflies as virus vectors in mixed cropping systems
:: Whiteflies as vectors and pests in cassava

Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in Asia

Geographical focus :: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam Start date :: January 1, 1999
Completion date :: December 31, 2001
Project Name :: Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in the Tropics
Project Leader :: Dr. Pamela Anderson
Subproject Name :: Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in Asia
Subproject Description ::

The overall research objective an understanding of the biotype diversity of Bemisia tabaci, the favored host range for each biotype, the geminivirus diversity, the species affected by geminiviruses and the diversity of potential biological control agents. The activities that will enable the overall objective to be achieved are:
  • Identification of Bemisia tabaci biotypes in Asia.
  • Identification of the major host plants for the different biotypes of Bemisia tabaci in Asia.
  • Identification of key natural enemies of Bemisia tabaci in Asia.
  • Determination of plant hosts affected by geminiviruses, identification of geminiviruses in major crops and development of protocols for detecting viruses in plants.
The key questions to be addressed by this study are:
  • What vector species and biotypes are present and in which countries?
  • What are the key hosts for each biotype?
  • What are the key natural enemies?
  • What are the types of whitefly related problems being encountered?
  • What is the extent of crop loss by geminiviruses?
  • What are the viral agents?
  • What are their basic characteristics?
Project Leader :: Dr. Peter Hanson / Asian Vegetable Research & Development Center - AVRDC
Donor Partner :: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research - ACIAR
Partner institutions
and collaborating professionals ::


Crops & Horticultural Research
Dr. J.P. Pokharel

Nepal Agricultural Research Institute
Mr. D. N. Manandhar


Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute - BARI
Dr M.A. Razzaque
Mr. Md Abdul Mannan

Sri Lanka

Regional Agricultural Research and Development Centre
Dr G. Jayawardene
Mr. M. G. Dhanapala


Department of Agriculture
Dr. Ananta Daladom
Mrs. Piyarat Keinmeesuke


Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute - MARDI
Dr. Loke Wai Hong


Bogor Agricultural University
Dr Purnama Hidayat

Research Institute for Vegetables
Dr. Atie Srie Duriat


University of the Philippines Los Baños
Dr E.P. Cadapan

The National Crop Protection Centre
Dr. Luis Ray I. Velasco


Institute of Agricultural Sciences of South Vietnam
Prof. Pham Van Bien
Mr. Huynh Cong Ha


Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - CSIRO
Dr Paul De Barro
Dr Ali Rezaian


Asian Vegetable Research & Development Center - AVRDC
Dr Sylvia Green

Dissemination Outputs ::  
Keywords :: Bemisia tabaci; biotypes; Bangladesh; Indonesia; Malaysia; Nepal; Philippines; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Vietnam
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