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Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

Projects :: Whiteflies as pests in tropical highlands
:: Whiteflies as virus vectors in mixed cropping systems
:: Whiteflies as vectors and pests in cassava

Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in Asia

Geographical focus :: Vietnam Start date :: January 1, 2002
Completion date :: December 31, 2003
Project Name :: Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in the Tropics
Project Leader :: Dr. Pamela Anderson
Subproject Name :: Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in Asia
Subproject Description ::

The overall project aims are to identify components for inclusion in a sustainable IPM strategy for control of whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses and whiteflies on tomato. Evaluation of geminivirus-resistant tomato lines and hybrids for resistance to Vietnamese geminiviruses is a major project activity; development of probes specific for major Vietnamese tomato geminiviruses and geminivirus identification will be conducted in conjunction with resistance trials to determine the relationships between specific viruses and resistance. Petroleum spray oils (PSO), which are known to repel whiteflies and reduce transmission efficiency, will be tested for their effectiveness in reducing/delaying virus infection. PSO may help improve the durability of resistance by reducing whitefly probing and lowering the chances of infecting resistant plants with resistance-breaking strains. Project objectives are:
  • To evaluate existing AVRDC tomato hybrids and inbred lines and other sources for geminivirus resistance and important horticultural characters such as yield and fruit quality
  • To determine if one or more tomato entries are suitable for on-farm testing and possible release
  • To develop probes specific for major geminivirus strains in Vietnam and to correlate virus diversity and resistance
  • To evaluate the efficacy of PSO in delaying/reducing infection due to geminiviruses and other diseases
This project will continue the Asian subproject work within the Tropical Whitefly IPM Project coordinated by CIAT.
Project Leader :: Dr. Peter Hanson / Asian Vegetable Research & Development Center - AVRDC
Donor Partner :: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research - ACIAR
Partner institutions
and collaborating professionals ::


Centre for Horticulture and Plant Sciences University of Western Sydney
Dr. G.A.C. Beattie


Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetables
Nguyen Trong Mai

Dissemination Outputs ::  
Keywords :: Bemisia tabaci; biotypes; Vietnam
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