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Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

Projects :: Whiteflies as pests in tropical highlands
:: Whiteflies as virus vectors in mixed cropping systems
:: Whiteflies as vectors and pests in cassava

Whiteflies as vectors of viruses in cassava and sweetpotato in Sub-saharan Africa

Geographical focus :: Uganda, Tanzania, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador Start date :: April 1, 2002
Completion date :: March 31, 2004
Project Name :: Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in the Tropics Phase 2 - Network Strengthening, Pest and Disease Dynamics and IPM Component Research
Project Leader :: Dr. Francisco Morales
Subproject Name :: Whiteflies as vectors of viruses in cassava and sweetpotato in Sub-saharan Africa
Subproject Description ::

This project will develop various management programs for devastating diseases of cassava, sweet potato, beans and vegetables, which if not contained will threaten food security and create an obstacle to improved livelihoods for small farmers in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Specifically, this project is expected to contribute to crisis mitigation of the Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD) pandemic in Tanzania, with post-crisis management and stabilization of cassava in Uganda. Further, the Project will develop integrated pest management (IPM) packages, for whitefly pests and whitefly-transmitted diseases, which will be highly effective, safe, affordable and easy to deliver to poor farmers in the Tropics. The main outputs of the Project will be: strengthening the Tropical Whitefly Network; characterizing target hot spots; basic research on whitefly pest and disease dynamics; validating IPM components; and developing training materials. The specific objectives of this Phase 2 Project are to:
  1. Strengthen the pan-tropical whitefly network formed during Phase 1, by improving the Information Management and Technology so that, Project results, additional WF/WTV resource materials, and decision support tools become readily available to NARS professionals.
  2. Undertake basic studies on whitefly population dynamics and disease epidemiology in the prioritized hot spots identified during Phase 1, in order to generate operational knowledge of the whitefly-virus-host pathosystems that will inform IPM intervention strategies for management of WFs and WTVs.
  3. Utilize the preliminary results from Phase 1 work to begin testing and integrating available IPM components in the target hot spots. This should lead to an improved IPM package that can be implemented immediately, to reduce insecticide use and assist small farmers in the short-term, while the basic research targets an understanding that will inform longer-term area-wide management strategies and policies.
  4. Based on results related to Objectives 2 and 3, develop training materials for professionals, in preparation for the Phase 3 scaling up process.
Subproject Leaders :: Dr. James Legg / International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA

Dr. César Cardona / Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical - CIAT
Donor Partner :: Dr. Bob Carlisle (Phase 2) / United Kingdom Department for International Development - DFID
Partner institutions
and collaborating professionals ::


Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical - CIAT
Dr. Anthony Bellotti
Mr. Oscar Escobar

United Kingdom

Natural Resources Institute - NRI
Dr. Richard Gibson
Dr. John Colvin
Dr. Frances Kimmins
Dr. Timothy Chancellor


Tel Aviv University
Dr. Dan Gerling

United States

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Dr. Claude Fauquet

University of Arizona
Dr. Judith Brown


Makerere University, Kampala
Prof Adipala Ekwamu

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA Uganda


National Root Crops Programme
Dr. Edward Kanju

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA Tanzania


International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA Kenya

South Africa

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA South Africa

El Salvador

Centro Nacional de Tecnología Agrícola - CENTA
Ing. Eduardo Vides
Mr. Carlos Atilio Pérez
Mr. José Maria García Rodríquez
Ms. Reina Guzmán de Serrano

Universidad de El Salvador
Mr. Leopoldo Serrano

Universidad Técnica Latinoamericana - UTLA


Programa de Fríjol Centro Americano - PROFRIJOL
Ing. Abelardo Viana


Manejo Colaborativo y Uso Apropiado de Recursos Naturales en la Ecoregión de la Cuenca del Río El Ángel - MANRECUR
Ing. Mauricio Proaño
Ms. Susan Poats


Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales y Agropecuarias - INIFAP
Mr. Wilson Avilés-Baeza
Mr. Genovevo Ramírez Jaramillo

Dissemination Outputs ::  
Keywords :: Cassava; sweetpotato; common bean; tomatoes; peppers; whitefly; Bemisia tabaci; Bemisia afer; Trialeurodes vaporariorum; pest and disease dynamics; host plant resistance; phytosanitation; integrated pest management; Uganda; Tanzania; Guatemala; El Salvador; Ecuador; Colombia.
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