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Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

Projects :: Whiteflies as pests in tropical highlands
:: Whiteflies as virus vectors in mixed cropping systems
:: Whiteflies as vectors and pests in cassava

Whiteflies as pests of cassava in South America

Geographical focus :: Colombia, Ecuador Start date :: January 1, 1998
Completion date :: December 31, 2003
Project Name :: Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in the Tropics Phase 2 - Network Strengthening, Pest and Disease Dynamics and IPM Component Research
Project Leader :: Dr. Francisco Morales
Subproject Name :: Biological control of whiteflies, by indigenous natural enemies, for major food crops in the neotropics
Subproject Description :: The purpose of this project is to determine the efficiency of indigenous South and Central American parasitoids against whiteflies on cassava and horticultural food crops, in order to select best potential parasitoids for continued research.The objectives of the project are:
  • To survey selected geographic areas of South and Central America for whitefly species and their natural enemies.
  • To determine whitefly and natural enemies complexes on cassava, beans, vegetables and other crops.
  • To evaluate the efficacy of indigenous whitefly natural enemies and select best potential parasitoids as potential.
  • To explore the use of indigenous parasitoids as potential biological control agents.
  • To make recommendations for introductions of parasitoids into whitefly infested areas.
  • To strengthen scientific and public knowledge with information generated.
  • To determine and evaluate entomopathogens for effective control of whiteflies.
  • To develop IPM strategic for sustainable and environmentally sound whitefly control.
Subproject Leaders :: Dr. Anthony Bellotti / Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical - CIAT
Donor Partner :: Dr. Rob Bertram / United States Agency for International Development - USAID
Partner institutions
and collaborating professionals ::


Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical - CIAT
Ms. Maria del Pilar Hernández
Mr. Bernardo Arias
Mr. Jose María Guerrero
Mr. Harold Trujillo
Ms. Carol Holguín
Mr. Alejandro Ortega

United States of America

University of Florida. Tropical Education and Research Center
Dr. Jorge Peña

Florida Division of Plant Industry
Mr. Avas Hamon
Mr. Ru Nguyen
Dr. Greg Evans

Montana State University
Dr. Mike Rose

Dissemination Outputs ::  
Keywords :: Cassava (Manihot esculenta); Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris); whiteflies; parasitoids; natural enemies; Colombia; Ecuador
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