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Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

Projects :: Whiteflies as pests in tropical highlands
:: Whiteflies as virus vectors in mixed cropping systems
:: Whiteflies as vectors and pests in cassava

Whiteflies as pests of cassava in South America

Geographical focus :: Colombia, Ecuador Start date :: January 1, 1998
Completion date ::
Project Name :: Sustainable Integrated Management of Whiteflies as Pests and Vectors of Plant Viruses in the Tropics Phase 2 - Network Strengthening, Pest and Disease Dynamics and IPM Component Research
Project Leader :: Dr. Francisco Morales
Subproject Name :: Sustainable integrated management of whiteflies through host plant resistance
Subproject Description :: The goal of this project is to reduce crop losses due to whitefly feeding damage and whitefly-transmitted viruses, and prevent further environmental degradation and food contamination due to excessive pesticide use, leading to more productive and sustainable agricultural systems.The specific objectives are:
  • To identify and access exotic or novel genes and gene combinations which can contribute to germplasm enhancement for whitefly resistance in cassava.
  • To study the genetics of resistance and to map genes for whitefly resistance in cassava and develop molecular markers for their incorporation into improved African, Latin American and Asian germplasm.
  • To develop crop management options for reducing whitefly populations, and the transmission of whitefly-transmitted viruses.
Subproject Leaders :: Dr. Anthony Bellotti / Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical - CIAT
Donor Partner :: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)
Dr. Keneti Faulalo
Partner institutions
and collaborating professionals ::


Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical - CIAT
Dr. Joseph Tohme
Ms. Adriana Bohórquez

New Zealand

Crop and Food Research
Mr. Mike Dunbier
Ms. Gail Timmerman

Dissemination Outputs ::  
Keywords :: Cassava (Manihot esculenta); plant resistance; Colombia, Ecuador
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