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Whitefly IPM Project Videos

Project News 06.2004

A new whitefly species emerges as
a pest of cereals in Central America

"White Plague" video on-line

White Plague

The Tropical Whitefly IPM Project coordination office wants to share the digitalized version of a video developed in 1997 showing the impact of this plague in the Tropics.

"A sinister combination of insect and virus is devastating vital crops in the tropical and subtropical worlds. This video tells the story of the whitefly, the viruses it spreads, the crops and people it hurts and the researchers who are looking for solutions".

This video was funded by the Danish International Development Agency. DANIDA.
Copyright CIAT, 1997.

Producer/Director: David Mowbray
Baobab Productions Inc.
11:15 Min.

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